The following images are  based on my work as a photographer for the left press, 1988 - 1995.
They are digital copies of prints from the negatives. Hence the loss of quality is immediately apparent.
That said, the images themselves stand or fall in their own right. Hopefully the compositions
are good enough to warrant their inclusion. You be the judge.

As for the content of these images, they are a strong reflection of the period  - a last snapshot of the class struggle
in Britain? - The miners’ final defeat in the mid 1990s led to the triumph of neo-liberalism: factory closures, hundreds
of TV channels, the internet, atomised humanity, zero-hours contracts, the super rich, and so on.
Can you spot any famous personalities from that distant time? (It seems like that now.)

I have  also added images which are personal memories. Most derive from my own travels as an observer of life in
the third world. I hope they have the same appeal to you as they still do to me. How much harder life is for others.
’There but for the grace of God go I !’  Now there is not a lot more I can do. Let the next generation continue
the struggle for a better, more human world!