Introduction to the Photography of Rex Dunn

In the 1980s my photographic hobby became so strong that I decided on a course of formal study.
By the mid-nineties, I had obtained two degrees in the subject. During this time I spent a few years
as a freelance photographer for the left press.

I would describe my style as instinctive, lyrical, expressionistic; whether I’m photographing a demonstration
(no pictures here), designing a photomontage, shooting the natural environment or an urban landscape.

First comes the composition (often instinctive). Then, how can I use the camera to capture form, shape, texture;
bearing in mind the way different light conditions affect tone and colour?

Above: selection of photography: to view the full image click on the thumbnail.

As a result of my studies, I developed a strong interest in the aesthetics of photography, as well as the canon.
(Cartier-Bresson and Kertesz are two of my favourites.) Like film, I see photography as an art form, not merely
as a means to an end. This interest broadened to include an aesthetics in general; e.g. the philosophy of art,
the relationship between art and the mass reproducibility of the image; the rise and fall of the avant garde;
critical theory; theory of the culture industry.